Chimney Cleaning in Tyler, TX

Over time, as you use your chimney, soot, ash and tar build up to create a dangerous coating called creosote. This layer on the interior of your chimney can become thicker and more prominent over time, until it begins to impede the chimney’s ability to allow the safe passage of smoke up and out the top. When this happens, the chances of a house fire or carbon monoxide buildups in the home increase exponentially.

To keep your home and your family safe from the hugely dangerous prospect of creosote buildups, it’s important to invest in regular chimney cleaning in Tyler, New Chapel Hill, Smith County, and Bullard, TX. Having an experienced fireplace cleaning professional sweep out your chimney will prevent creosote from building up to dangerous levels and will ensure the longevity of this home amenity.

At The Chimney Sweep, we’re highly adept at identifying creosote buildups and work swiftly and thoroughly to remove them. We also take pride in removing other potential chimney hazards, to prevent them from putting your home in danger.

If you need chimney or fireplace cleaning in Tyler, TX, make sure you’re calling the most experienced chimney cleaning professionals in the region: The Chimney Sweep! Contact us today by calling 903-561-1302 for more information about how we can assist you in keeping your home clean and safe through fireplace repair, dryer vent cleaning, and more.